Pickup Driver Ticketed For Towing A 53-Foot Semi Trailer

Wait? What! Driver of pickup truck charged after #OPP stopped the vehicle pulling a 53 foot trailer down the roadway in…

Posted by Ontario Provincial Police – West Region on Thursday, December 19, 2019

Check this guy out. Gotta give him an “A” for effort, or determination, or whatever.

The Ontario Provincial Police pulled this pickup driver after seeing them trying to use a pickup to tow a full-on semi-trailer. On top of that, the trailer was attached with what looks like a homemade I-beam contraption.

It appears from the photos and several comments on social media that the service brake air hose was not connected which would mean there were no functional trailer brakes. The Silverado was doing all the pulling and all the stopping for that setup. Not the safest thing we’ve ever seen.

There are still a lot of questions when you really look at the photos. Leave us your best comment!

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