People Are Looking To Social Distance This Summer And RV Sales Are Reaping The Benefits

With the Covid-19 crisis looking to roll over into the summer months, people are looking for a way to get away, without heading to usual tourist-filled spots. So lots of people are renting RVs. So many people in fact, that RV rentals are up 650% so far.

People have been cooped up for weeks now and with the weather getting nicer and gas prices at an all-time low, getting out on the road is looking pretty appealing. Peer-to-peer camper rental service RVshare is already reporting a 650% spike in RV and trailer bookings since the start of April. That’s a heck of an increase and it’s not even summer yet.

RVshare surveyed its customer base and found that 93% are shopping RVs to avoid crowds, which is 70% more than before coronavirus started.

When you think about, travel by RV is a smart way to do it, especially with everything going on. You have all the comforts of home on the road and can see so much more than just a traditional vacation. Have your travel plans changed due to the pandemic? Let us know!

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