People Are Guessing When This Saturn Will Plunge Through The Ice For A Shot To Win $1,500

What would you do for $1,500? If you’re a betting person you can take your chances on this Saturn. For the fifth year in a row, there’s $1,500 on the line in a slow and steady winter race featuring melting ice.

The Rotary Club of Iron Mountain-Kingsford in Michigan holds a Car Plunge Contest, where people all over the world get the chance to win $1,500 by guessing when a 1998 Saturn sitting on a sheet of ice will break through.

All you have to do is pay $10 and submit three guesses on the club’s website. You must include a date and a time you think the ice will break and the car will be submerged. When the car goes under, the club will pick the winner with the closest time.

Club secretary and chair for the Car Plunge Contest Committee Jayna Huotari said the closest anyone has been previously was within forty minutes of the plunge time.

Guessers should also take into consideration that this is no ordinary sedan. Many modifications were made to the vehicle to comply with Michigan environmental rules and regulations.

Auto tech students from the Dickinson – Iron Technical Education Center removed the engine, transmission, power train, battery, radiator, fluid coolers, master cylinder, and heater hoses. They also removed any oils, greases, road grime and vehicle contaminate, according to the club’s website. The Saturn was then painted bright orange by an auto body class so that it can be seen in the middle of the snow on the club’s webcam. The only parts of the Saturn that remain intact are the suspension system, which includes tires and the steering gear, to make it easier to get the car on the ice.

The earliest in the season the car has plunged was in 2016 when it went through the ice on March 17 at 1:57 p.m. Last year’s plunge was the latest so far, when the big moment came on April 26 at 10:40 a.m. Betting closes March 15.