People Are Being Arrested After Hertz Keeps Mistakenly Reporting Cars Stolen

After renting a car, whether for business or pleasure, the last thing you expect is to be arrested. However, some Hertz customers are finding themselves in legal trouble after renting a vehicle from the company. And it appears the reason behind the madness is thank to a faulty computer system and poor office management.

Those customers ended up in handcuffs and in the back of a police car while a few were even taken into custody forcefully after disagreeing with police. Some actually had to endure spending a few hours in jail and a few even spent considerable time behind bars — two weeks in prison. And unfortunately, falsely charged renters are still fighting the charges they received in court and all the fines that come along with them.

While some of the renters reported switching or upgrading vehicles or reporting mechanical issues before being approached by the law, another driver returned a vehicle for a flat tire and was given another to drive instead. When Hertz did not complete paperwork for the second vehicle, the car was reported stolen. Another driver was alerted to an expired registration on her rental but was arrested before she could even return the car. Of course, out of the millions of rentals each year through Hertz, these 30 stories are exceptionally rare.

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