Out Of Control Dump Truck Plows Through Intersection

There are many videos like this out there where large trucks lose control and crash into multiple cars on the road. The causes of these types of crashes range anywhere from driving too fast in the rain, to failed brakes. In this particular video, this dump truck apparently had its brakes fail while on a steep hill, causing it to literally plow into a busy intersection, crashing into multiple cars.

The actual crash starts at the 1:49 mark. We see a driver with a dash cam just sitting at a stop light where other cars are waiting for their turn to go. Suddenly this massive dump truck plows into a car in the far right lane, which then pushes it out in the intersection where the dump truck hits ANOTHER car. The dump truck then looks like it hits multiple other cars, before crashing through a guardrail and off a cliff. According to the video description, the dump truck then burst into flames below. Insane!!!! Apparently the injuries were only minor and everyone was miraculously ok.

What do you think of this crazy crash? What do you think went wrong with the dump truck? Let us know in the comments what you think!

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