Oregon Police Bust Crime Ring Moving $22 Million in Stolen Catalytic Converters

Portland police announced that they arrested the crime leader behind the trafficking of over 44,000 stolen catalytic converters on the West Coast for the last couple of years.

Police say Brennan Doyle, 32, helmed the operation and had his Lake Oswego home, as well as seven other properties searched. According to detectives, they collected over 3,000 catalytic converters, hundreds of thousands in cash, jewelry, and a high-end car.

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Doyle and his team of 14 people have been accused of stealing and trafficking catalytic converters from vehicles up and down the West Coast. The crime ring was headquartered in the Portland area, and expanded further throughout Oregon, as well as Washington state, California, Texas, Nevada, and New York.

The incentive behind the crimes is the value of the metals found inside catalytic converts can be sold for thousands of dollars an ounce. Authorities believe the street value of the catalytic converters found is estimated to be at least $22 million.

Beaverton Police spokesperson Matt Henderson said that the crime ring would ship boxes of stolen converters to clientele on the East Coast and internationally, suggesting that hundreds of people may have a role in this operation.

Doyle is facing 72 charges, such as racketeering, aggravated theft, money laundering, etc. Police say that Tanner Hellbusch, an associate of Doyle, was caught in Beaverton with over 100 stolen catalytic converters in March 2022. He is facing 20 similar charges.

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