Old School Vs. New School: Camaro SSRS Vs. Chevelle Big Block

Modern drag racing can get intense, we’ve seen races that come down to the seconds. But sometimes there’s nothing like a good reminder of how it all started and how drag racing got its start. The sport started out being how many people get their first taste of side-by-side action… good ole street races.

And we’re not talking about two drag cars with big engines and big tires all modded out on a street that’s been raced on so much it’s basically a “prepped” strip because of all the rubber left behind. This race is between two fairly stock cars battling it out on a decently long stretch of road with just a few fresh black marks. Hardly prepped. And if we’re being honest, it was a pretty darn close street race. One of the best we’ve seen! If you look at the caption on the YouTube video it says the driver of the ’72 Chevelle claimed the win over the 2010 Camaro, but it really is a pretty close call. Could you tell? Did the results surprise you?

This video is a great reminder of how drag racing started out and just how far it’s come. Whether it’s street racing or drag racing on the strip, it’s something all gearheads can appreciate.