New Big Brake Kits Available For American Muscle

The shops use EBC Brakes on builds all the time. However, CEO James Hallett stopped by Detroit Muscle to show off the new big brake kit complete with calipers, stainless steel brake lines, and other upgrades all made by EBC. And the 2016 Ford Mustang GT EBC Brakes Sweepstakes sweepstakes car is the perfect build to showcase them on! It’s actually the first kit on an American car which is pretty cool!

The rear calipers are the standard Ford calipers however, they’ve been color-coded to match the front calipers. Yellow Stuff pads are going to be used since they are primarily for spirited street driving. The rear rotors will have a new swept-groove pattern to match the front as well.

For the Mustang in the Detroit Muscle shop, the front brakes are still being developed. James did bring along the Apollo 4-piston calipers which share many of the same features that will be on our Mustang. They will have aluminum, castellated pistons which reduce heat transfer into the fluid along with high-temp rubber seals and staggered piston sizes to stop uneven pad wear.

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