Mustang Tries To Show Off…Crashes Into Jeep Wrangler Instead

Car show departures always have at least 1 crash and for some reason it’s usually a Mustang. Not sure why, it’s just how it is. There are countless videos of Mustang’s crashing leaving car shows and it’s really a mystery as to why this is a thing. Is the power a little too much for some people to handle? Maybe. But regardless the reason, it happens a lot.

First of all nobody should drive crazy like this on a public road. That’s just a bad combination for something bad happening especially when there are innocent drivers traveling on the road like the one seen in this video. As the video starts you see multiple Mustangs driving down the road after Mustang Week. All the Mustang’s made it out just fine, except when a black Mustang GT speeds around the corner, it quickly loses control and SMASHES into a Jeep Wrangler! The collision itself didn’t look too bad but just the embarrassment alone was probably enough. What a fail! We’re guessing the driver of the Wrangler wasn’t too happy.

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