Mustang Builds of SEMA 2018

The massive SEMA (Specialty Equipment Marketing Association) show has come and gone once again, and the Mustang builds were out in full force as always. There were countless builds at SEMA, but those familiar with the show know that it’s almost impossible to see everything in its four-day span. Here are a few of the builds we came across while making our way around the Las Vegas convention center inside and out.

Corruptt – 1968 Ferrari-Powered Classic Mustang

Two things you never thought you would see together – a 1968 Mustang and a Ferrari. Meet the Mustang dubbed “Corruptt” built by Tony Arme from American Legends Hotrods and Musclecars out of Phoenix, Arizona. This insane mashup was the talk of the SEMA show when it came down to Mustang builds.

Stuffed inside the engine bay of this 1968 Ford Mustang is an Italian 4.3-liter V-8 engine from a Ferrari F340 that they had snagged off eBay. When the Ferrari F430 was produced in 2005-2009, the car was rated at 483 horsepower and 343 lb. ft. of torque. If that wasn’t insane enough, American Legends added a pair of Nelson Racing/Turbonetics twin turbos allowing this mean machine to fully gallop with approximately 700 horses. Shifting all of that power is a Tremec T-56 Magnum transmission.

The intake manifold came from a Ferrari California, and direct injection was tossed out the window for a traditional direct port setup. An MS3-Pro by AMP EFI helps keep this insane Mustang functioning all with the help of an iPad. Photo by Corruptt

Edelbrock – 1966 Mustang Built By JH Restorations

Edelbrock brought the heat with this red classic 1966 Mustang built by JH Restorations out of Ontario, Canada. Powering this vintage Mustang is a Coyote 5.0-liter engine with a large Edelbrock supercharger. This classic sits on DSE suspension, and the body has been stretched four inches. The doors, fenders, decklid, and nose are all carbon fiber, and a roll cage cage has been stuffed inside. Forgeline wheels also help set off the exterior.

SpeedKore Carbon Fiber GT350R

This Shelby GT350R was given the SpeedKore treatment with everything carbon fiber.  While the Shelby GT350R is completely track ready, it weighs in at a hefty 3,700 lbs. This Shelby was put on a carbon fiber diet and dropped about 500 lbs. Not only does the weight savings help the car’s performance on the track, but it looks pretty cool, too.

“Toxic 66”

Owned and assembled by brothers Dave and Mike Grotto, this ’66 Ford Mustang is an insane Pro Street car. The mill is a stroked 408-cubic-inch race block based off a 351 Windsor complete with a monstrous 871 blower. An insane radiator fan helps keep things cool.

The car started life as a six-cylinder classic Mustang. Only a two-foot section of the roof and the 52-year-old back glass remain from the original car.

Gateway Classic Mustangs

Sitting inside the Gateway Classic Mustang outdoor booth is this shiny 1965 Mustang coupe that grabs your attention with its deep red paint and sleek lines. It is owned by Scott Naccarato and was built by Derek Hall of OCD Customs in Spokane Washington. Stuffed inside the engine bay is a Roush 347 IR crate engine that runs on pump gas.

Partially hidden behind Kompression wheels are Baer brakes on all four corners (6-piston calipers front, 4-piston rear).  Gateway Classic Mustangs suspension and rack and pinion keep handling and steering in line.  

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