Michelin Has New Airless Tires

Technology doesn’t stop, not even in the tire industry. Michelin, as well as other tire companies, are always trying to advance the tire. But how do you advance a tire any more than it already is? You re-invent the tire, as we know it of course! Speed Society reported that Michelin has just introduced its new airless tire concept and it’s pretty interesting.

It’s an airless, rechargeable, 3-D printed tire. It’s developed from bio-sourced, biodegradable recycled materials. What’s even more amazing about this technology is that the tires are actually reprogrammable which means a tire 3-D printing station can physically reconstruct the tread on the tires to tackle a desired terrain… With an airless tire, you wouldn’t have to worry about getting a flat. And with a reprogrammable tire, you wouldn’t have to worry about buying separate tires with a different tread. Do you think this idea will stick around?

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