Methanol Tractor Pulling Engine Blows Up Causing Big Explosions

Big power is a given when you think about the amount of weight being pulled in tractor pulls. And when you have a bunch of big power lingering around, there’s always a chance for something to go wrong. There are so many moving parts that come together to make sure that big power tractors keep running smoothly so that they can pull as long and hard as possible! But of course with all those moving parts there comes the chance that being stretched to the limits can be a cause for concern because when teams really turn it up, there’s a good chance that something’s going to break and cause mayhem!

Here we see one of the worst case scenarios unfold for this driver. After a few seconds into the competition, the tractor explodes into a ball of fire and sends fuel everywhere. It ignites it into major explosions that send light and color flying everywhere as the alcohol and methanol go up in flames. Luckily, the fire and safety crew comes to the rescue and makes sure everyone’s okay.

And after this situation, it looks like this team has to go back to the drawing board and build something bigger and stronger for the next competition.