Man Survives His Motorcycle Crash That Erupts In A Fireball

If you’re out on the roads, especially on a motorcycle, you should make sure you’re taking every safety measure you can. We come across awful accidents on the internet all the time, and a lot of them don’t end well. But this one is pretty crazy and it’s honestly a miracle the motorcycle rider survived. It goes without saying this method of transportation provides a lot less protection than a car (and definitely a dump truck in this case). Unfortunately, people don’t always look out for those motorists on two wheels. This video proves all these points to be true,

Here’s another example of what could possibly happen if you’re a rider on two wheels and something goes horribly wrong. We’re not sure what happened here to make this bad situation occur but we do know that this could happen to just about anyone and this guy is one of the lucky ones.

From the look of this video, it really looks like this accident ended up being fatal for the rider but luckily, with the help of the dump truck driver involved and some good Samaritans that were nearby, both drivers were able to walk away as good surprisingly in good shape.

The video shows us the scene from a security camera. The rider slams directly into the side of the dump truck which then slammed him straight into the fuel tank. Naturally, he erupts into a ball of fire. It looks like something straight out of a Hollywood set. Again, we’re really not sure how this guy managed to walk away but it’s great to hear everyone involved survived this fiery mess.