Major Bust: Atlanta Officers Arrest 44 For Street Racing

Between new social distancing rules and people not thinking before they posted on social media, a lot of people ended up arrested in Atlanta, GA. Recently, a string of street racing events have become a growing concern for police.

Several different law enforcement agencies sent officers to crack down on the auto enthusiasts that have taken to the emptier-than-usual streets. Police set up spots around the city waiting for the drivers to make their entrance.

And it worked. By the time the weekend was over, officers had accumulated 114 citations, 44 arrests, and 29 impounded vehicles.

‘We know they’re bored, the streets are less crowded and so you have a kind of perfect storm for this nonsense,” Atlanta police spokesperson Carlos Campos said.

Police say that social media is also partly to blame for the uptick in street racing.

“The social media aspect to it. The thrill of putting these absurd videos on social media, and try to get as many likes or views as possible,” Campos said.

So that aspect, linked with people who are on lockdown with nothing else to do, has created the perfect street racing storm.

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