Lucky Utah Couple Escapes Group Of Machete-Wielding Men

“One thing I’ve learned about myself while living here, is that I don’t have reflexes like Jason Bourne”. That’s what Lauren Swenson said after her rather scary and unusual confrontation.

The Utah woman and her husband are currently living in Kenya and posted a dash cam video to Facebook showing machete wielding bandits trying to attack their vehicle. The couple were on their way to do some filming with their Kenyan trainers to promote their CrossFit gym, which they have recently opened in Kenya.

Since traffic on the main road was jam-packed, they took a detour on a dirt road where they passed two officers on foot with machine guns who gestured for the Swensons to give them a ride however, the couple did not pick up the officers. Once they passed the officers, they came across a white public transport vehicle stopped in the middle of the road surrounded by men with machetes. Their trainers told them to “just drive” and to get out of the situation as quickly as possible. And that’s exactly what they did.

Laura said in the full descrption under the video that “was not a typical place for bandits to be – so close to heavily traveled roads and near farms and houses”. Luckily the Swensons were able to “high-tail” it out of the situation. You don’t see this every day, what would you have done?

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