Land Rover May Be Making A Car

Porsche started out making sports cars and gradually made its way into the SUV and crossover market. They may not be the only ones switching gears. If rumors are true, Jalopnik reports Land Rover is doing the same thing, except backwards.

Land Rover reportedly has plans to develop a car. The working name for the project is ‘Road Rover’ and was originally a name the company considered back when the Rover brand of cars existed. The first production vehicle will be an all-electric model aimed primarily at markets such as California and China. If Land Rover goes through with this, the car is slated to be introduced at the 2019 LA Auto Show and be in production by 2020 at around $100,000. At the end of the day, it may just be another high-priced luxury vehicle that comes and goes. Would you be interested in it?

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