Lamborghini Aventador Catches On Fire

Yet another Lamborghini catches on fire due to some engine revving. How and why this happens remains a mystery. We see a Lamborghini Aventador at a stoplight showing off by revving its engine, nothing too unusual right? Well after a few revs, a flame appears at the bottom middle part of the car which then spreads to the left side. Suddenly you hear people start yelling at the driver to get his attention. Somehow he doesn’t hear them. Then you see him begin to drive away, in which you can now hear the car behind him honking their horn to get his attention. He STILL doesn’t hear them.

The video then cuts to a shot of the Lamborghini completely engulfed in flames. Obviously the guy eventually noticed his car was on fire and got out of there! The Lambo then just sits there and burns away. We’re not sure if the car was saved or not but what’s for certain is that this fire was definitely scary! The fact the guy drove while the car was on fire is scary enough since that could’ve resulted in something catastrophic. What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments!