Jerry Seinfeld Is Suing Company For Selling Him An Allegedly Fake $1.5 Million Classic Porsche

A good portion of comedian Jerry Seinfeld’s Porsche collection went to auction in 2016. There were 16 cars that found new homes. However, the 1958 Porsche 356 Speedster is now back in his life via a lawsuit. The 356 Speedster was originally represented and sold for $1,540,000 as an aluminum-body four-cam Speedster GS/GT model. The suit filed earlier this month is alleging the car could be a fake, and now, Seinfeld is suing the dealer it came from for the same reason.

In the original lawsuit, the buyer FICA FRIO Ltd., claimed the car isn’t the GS/GT that it was listed as in the auction and that Seinfeld personally intentionally misrepresented the car’s authenticity. Seinfeld bought the car back in 2013 for $1.2 million along with a certificate of authenticity from the company. Now, Seinfeld has filed a lawsuit against European Collectibles over the dispute about the authenticity.

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The lawsuit is calling Seinfeld the “man in the middle”. It’s reported that Seinfeld had never dealt with the California company before it solicited his agent to propose his purchase of the Porsche. The lawsuit also alleged that the Seinfeld purchase was not the first time European Collectibles was reported to have sold a restored Porsche that was inauthentic.

“Mr. Steinfeld, who is a very successful comedian, does not need to supplement his income by building and selling counterfeit sports cars,” the lawsuit said.