It's Possible To Dirt Track Race A Formula 1 Car

Everyone has different ideas of what ideal racing or their fantasy race setting would be. Whether it comes to drive through a rally course or street racing, or even going to the big leagues like Daytona or Indy. There's a pretty good chance you'll never get to do that, and maybe not even see get to see your dream race in real life. But now it's okay because you can live through video games and virtual reality.

These hyper-realistic games that are available to anyone, like Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport, make it possible to live out even the wildest car-related dreams and ideas. No matter if Trophy Trucks or the Nurburgring is more your style, you can make it happen. In the case of the video about the dream was driving an F1 car around a dirt oval track.

Thanks to Youtuber Sim Racing SKeijmel you can watch a 2009 Williams FW31 Formula One car lap a dirt track. This was all done in the racing simulator iRacing. Obviously, something like this wouldn't happen in real life. An F1 on a dirt track? The team wouldn't even know what to do! But now you can see WHAT would happen if the impossible became possible. So now the question is: if you could dream up your perfect racing scenario...what would it be?

F1 cars weren't built to handle dirt ovals, so a lot of sliding happens in this scenario, but it still looks like a blast. If only....

If you're looking into dirt track racing in real life and need a little help...look no further! Below Horsepower shows you how to build your dirt track engine!

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