Is This The WORST Mustang Crash Of All Time?!

The guy involved in this crash WALKED AWAY! According to the uploader, the driver suffered a minor injury to his head but otherwise was perfectly fine! This has to be one of the worst Mustang crashes, if not THE worst ever.

A little background of what happened according to the uploader. This Ford Mustang was a rental car for starters and the driver was going 90MPH in a 30MPH zone. The crash occurred in Ballard, Washington. As you can see, there is literally almost nothing left of the car. The front half of the car is WAY more damaged than the rear, which makes it even more insane that the driver was able to walk away from this crash. The passenger seat is nowhere to found, with the driver seat relatively intact.

The engine, is just sitting there in the grass. As the video shows, you can see the badly damaged rear of the car with both seats still attached. This is super insane! The car was just completely obliterated into a million pieces! This is why you DRIVE SAFE and don’t speed on public roads!! What do you think about this wild crash? Let us know in the comments!