Hurricane Ian Flooding Drowns McLaren P1 a Week After It Was Purchased

Hurricane Ian caused immense amounts of flooding in the state of Florida, leading to millions in property damage in certain areas. Unfortunately for one Florida resident, his McLaren P1 had been added to that long list of property damage. What makes it even more heart-breaking is that he purchased the sports car only a week ago.

Owned by Instagram user Lambo9286 (real name Ernie), the McLaren P1 was purchased a week before the hurricane landed in Florida. Fair to say that leading up to the storm, Ernie was more than proud of his recent purchase as one of his posts showed him using the sports car to pick up supplies from the store.

A few hours later, Ernie’s garage was completely flooded with his new McLaren already being submerged by the rising waters. It is already bad enough that the P1 is probably totaled, but it only gets worse for poor Ernie.

According to the next post in his feed, Ernie says that the flood waters were so strong that they managed to cause the McLaren to float, followed by forcing it through his closed garage door and outside into the streets.

This McLaren P1 is also one of 375 units built with a value of at least $1.5 million. Ernie had also ended up losing the Rolls-Royce Ghost that was in his garage too. But considering that he just shelled out a lot of money for a rare sports car with a life expectancy of one week, Ernie’s grief is probably being directed more on the P1.

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