HP Tuners 821 Horse Mustang!

HP Tuners 821 Horse Mustang!- 2016 PowerNation Week #50

This week on PowerNation Katie’s guest is Jay Payson, Director of Sales for HP Tuners and his 821 horsepower 2015 Mustang. The added power courtesy a ProCharger F-1 supercharger. Jay not only races the Mustang in the Optima Series, but HP Tuners also uses it to test and develop new tunes. Jay will talk about the new 2017 GM, Ford and Dodge applications supported with their software and they’re releasing software for the Mercedes C-63 with a six point two liter. Plus our shops a full slate of tech for you and Pat Topolinski has an interesting tip on automotive grease. Check it all out this week on PowerNation!

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