How To Swap Out A Lock Cylinder

You may have come across this situation before: you’re out scouring the junkyard trying to find a tilt column and you find one! But of course, the keys are missing. Well here’s how to swap out that lock cylinder.

To get started, remove the horn button and the nut that holds the steering wheel out of the way. Then you’ll want to get a puller installed to pull the wheel. Once you get your puller set up and the wheel removed be careful not to yank the wire out that attaches the horn.

Pro tip: lay the parts out in the order you remove them in you’re worried about not being able to remember how to put it back together.

Next, you want to get the snap ring out and the cam out of the way. To do that you’ll need to take off the turn signal lever. Once you have that all out of the way there will be a clip on the top right side of the column you need to push down and it should be good to go!

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