How To Strip Down Paint And Body Filler With Dustless Blasting

If you’re tired of stripping down paint and body filler the old-fashioned way, Dustless Blasting has a much easier and time-efficient solution for you. Sandblasting may be a quick way to get the job done, but it may also damage the sheet metal you are trying to save.

While most blasting jobs create dust plumes that can shut down whole work areas, Dustless Blasters use 95% less water than a regular blasting job, and the water encapsulates the particles so there are no shutdowns while waiting for the dust to settle. That means that everyone can continue on without disruption. The company uses a mixture of water and recycled glass with a rust inhibitor to get any project down to bare metal in no time and with less effort. It can go through paint, primer, and filler in one easy step, and it doesn’t use heat that could warp the panel.

Not only can Dustless Blasting get the job done like no other, but it can also lead to a new career! You can start your own business with Dustless Blasting equipment, and they have plenty of options to choose from depending on what you plan to do. You can be your own boss, make your own hours, and spend more time with loved ones. On average, you can make $300/hr while blasting. There’s always a demand for the job. It’s perfect for the stripping vehicles down to bare metal, cleaning up wood, stripping off old graphics, removing curb paint, cleaning up boats, and even blasting graffiti off of walls. In fact, the possibilities are seemingly endless. According to the website – everything in the world is painted, rusted, or dirty!

You can own your own equipment with what it would cost to buy a nice pickup truck. There’s no rent to pay, and you can travel to a location for customer convenience. It’s not a franchise so you can make your own decisions, no corporate limitations, no territories to be banned from, and keep 100% of the profit. The machines are user-friendly and can be learned within minutes. That sounds like a win-win. Dustless Blasting also offers a marketing package to help get your business out there.

For residential and light commercial work, the DB500 Mobile S is perfect and fits in a standard garage and is the size of a 1/2 ton pickup truck. The DB500 Mobile XL offers room for material as well as storage for the supplies and sits on a low trailer to step on and off easily.

The DB800 Mobile is perfect for medium-sized industrial work and is 35-40% more productive than the DB500 and also sits on a low trailer for easy access.

For heavy industrial work, the DB800 Mobile Dual features two blast pots and allows for two people to work at once, and it also has a giant 425 CFM compressor for abundant airflow. Also, the DB1500 Mobile is used for heavy jobs and is 33% more productive than the DB800. For those super heavy duty industrial jobs, the DB3000 Mobile has everything you need to tackle those large projects.

Whether you would like to use it for your shop and stripping down old projects, or start your own business, Dustless Blasting is the way to go.

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