How To Set Up A Power MIG 210 Welder

Whether you’re setting up suspension or fabricating something for your rig, a MIG welder is going to come in handy. Before you can get started though, you need to make sure it’s set up correctly.

In order to set up a Power MIG 210 MP welder, you need to first determine what you need to weld. For instance, if you’re patching up panels, then you’ll want to run .025 or if you’re welding up a thicker gauged mild steel you’ll want to run .030. If you’re running axle bracket suspension or any kind of framework you’ll want to run a Power MIG 256 that will allow you to run a .045 wire feed.

The next step is to flip down the tension adjuster. Then raise the top drive roll pressure arm. Remove the outer guide so you can access your lower drive roll. Make sure you have the correct size chosen for your wire and re-install the lower drive roll. Cut and unroll the first 6″ of the wire from your spool without letting the end of the wire go, so it doesn’t unspool off of the roll. Feed it through the wire drive inlet along the inner wire groove, over the drive roll, and through the outlet on the gun side.

Power up your machine and squeeze the trigger on your gun to start feeding wire down the length of the gun liner until it comes out the end of the gun several inches. Then turn your machine off and install the correct contact tip followed by the correct nozzle for solid wire or flux core. After that part is set up, look at the recommended weld settings and determine what you need. Finally, select your wire diameter and metal thickness and you’re ready to weld!

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