How To Make A Spare Driveshaft

Once you finish your rig and are ready to hit the trails, chances are you’ll throw some spare parts in the back for the inevitable mishaps. A spare part you may want to have is a driveshaft but don’t want to spend the money on ordering a second custom piece. Here’s how you can make a driveshaft that’ll get you off the trail, back to camp, and up on the trailer.

Measure from center U-join to center U-joint. Cut on the inside of the weld but don’t cut directly into the end of the tube itself. With a little persuasion, the yoke should pop right out of the tube. With your new measurements, you can now make your cuts. Use a flat file to true the edges up or deeper the inside. A grinder can be used to bevel the edge for a stronger welding surface.

Now that the driveshaft is the length you need, it’s ready to weld. After it’s welded, time to head to the press and press the flip yoke and new U-joint on.

*Note: this DIY part is just meant to be used as a placeholder to get the rig from trail back to the trailer.

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