How To Make A Replacement Rear Glass Window Frame

Often when working on old cars, the replacement parts you need are hard to find, not made anymore, or really expensive. So sometimes it’s easier to make them yourself. Today’s episode is showing you how to make a replacement for the bottom of a rear glass window frame. It’s a pretty common area for older cars to rust.

You can use a piece of scrap metal that’s the same gauge steel and put it in the sheet metal break and bend it into a 90º bend. You need to make sure the new piece lines up exactly with the old piece, conforming to all the bends and slight curves. In order to do that you can use the shrinker and stretcher combo. Like the name implies, you can either shrink or stretch metal depending on your needs. Marc used the stretcher to make the outside bend and the shrinker to make the inside bend on his piece of metal. He starts on the end of the metal and works his way down the metal. The more pressure you apply, the more it will shrink or stretch your material.

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