How To Install A High Flow Injection Pump

We are back under the hood of Truck Tech’s Ram and a few parts need to come out to be able to reach the belt. So the fan and shroud are both removed. A plug in the back of the stock injection pump needs to come out but be very careful that nothing falls out. Switch the small spring over from the stock plug to the supplied fitting. Reinstall it making sure that the check ball is still in place since your truck won’t start without it. Then torque the fitting.

The Bosch CP3 is a piston-style high-pressure injection pump that’s actually found on both the Cummins and the GM Duramax. Under a wide open throttle, it can actually pump out between 26,000 and 29,000 psi! On the back, there are 3 fittings: the main feed, a low-pressure inlet, and the low-pressure return. Now it’s time to get the brackets mocked and mounted.

The main bracket goes together by installing carriage bolts. Then, the idler pulley and spacer can be assembled. The bracket installs into 4 existing holes in the timing case and the hardware gets torqued. Next, the CP3K from Fleece Performance slides into the bracket and more carriage bolts hold it in place. While the factory CP3 is driven by a gear, the second pump is driven by a serpentine belt. With the supplied heavy-duty belt routed and in place, you can then torque the main nut on the injection pump.

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