How To Install A Disc Brake Conversion Kit

Brakes are one of the most important systems to have on your ride. LT and Austin are replacing the drum brakes that were on the ’65 C10 with a disc brake conversion kit. It all starts with 13″ two-piece rotors. They have cast iron outters and aluminum inners. A 6-piston caliper applies pressure to the pads and there is also an aluminum wheel hub, brackets, and hardware are included.

The rotors attach to the hat with a series of bolts and are torqued to spec. Next, the wheel bearing is packed with grease until the rollers are fully coated. With the inside bearing set in the hub, the seal is driven into place. The outter bearing is packed and the hub assembly slides onto the spindle. A slotted washer and castle nut hold the nut in place. A dust cover is installed and the rotor slides over the wheel studs.

With the bolts tight, two more shams go on to the mounting stud. The caliper slides on, nuts are tightened and pads slide in through the caliper.

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