How To Build A Triple Threat Car

A Triple Threat Car is one that excels on the road course, autocross course, and drag strip. This season, Mike and Pat have taken a custom chassis and put it under a 1973 Camaro for their Triple Threat. It allows them to run a larger tire size, have more adjustability with the suspension, and have a more rigid and predictable driving experience.

The heart of any high-performance vehicle (especially a Triple Threat) is the powerplant. For their Camaro, the guys wanted to triple or even quadruple the power of the stock L65 2-barrel 350 that originally put out 145 HP and 250 lb.-ft. of torque. And since the car needs to be more balanced since it will perform on the autocross course, they went with a small block that was a bit on the exotic side.

Speaking of balance, a quality coilover setup is a must. This makes it easier to adjust the car’s ride height and adjust the compression of the shocks. Some call it the heart of the suspension system, so it’s important to have quality parts.

Brakes are also a balance issue. Having a fast car means you need brakes that are sufficient with both the weight and the speed of your vehicle. Of course, this is just a small part of what goes into planning a Triple Threat car. Other components like wheels, tires, safety equipment, and more are covered on the rest of the build in the Engine Power shop !

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