How To Adjust Headlights After Suspension Modifications

A very popular modification is adjusting ride height. But you still have a few things to do after you drop or lift the suspension and adjust the suspension. In order for headlights to meet DOT requirements, they have to be aimed in the proper direction both side-to-side and up-and-down. So if you modified your suspension there’s a good chance your headlights are no longer aligned properly and may cause problems for other drivers or yourself.

To get started, pull your vehicle up to a wall to make some reference marks. Make a horizontal mark at the same height as the center of the headlight on the wall. Then make a vertical mark ending at the center of each light. You should now have to identical markings on the wall where the center of the light hits. Then back your vehicle up so that the lights are exactly 25 feet from the wall. Turn the lights on and see how they match up with the markings. Each beam should be pointed at the target.

To make adjustments you usually have two options. There is an adjustment up top to alter your verticle and the side adjustment alters your side-to-side movement. Once they hit the marks you are all set!

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