High Speed Chase Ends In Violent Crash

A high speed police pursuit in Phoenix ended up lasting 60 miles and only ended when the sports utility vehicle smashed into another vehicle. And it was a pretty intense crash at that, however, everyone involved survived.

The chase began after officers tried to pull the driver over for speeding. After contacting the driver by phone, he reportedly told them he was “a sovereign citizen not bound by law”. Only after he hit another (uninvolved) car did he stop. After the car flipped several times, the driver got out of the car and started wandering around and asking pedestrians if they knew who he was. Once the police caught up to the scene, they were confused as to where the driver was, thinking he was still in the car. The pedestrians pointed the police in the right direction and pointed out the driver. They arrested the driver, who turned out to have a California drivers license and took the woman driver of the uninvolved car to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.