Hellcat Adds Extra Horsepower To Amish Buggy Wheels During Burnout

This burnout gave these wheels a little more horsepower than they’re used to.

YouTube channel Whistin’ Diesel got creative and we have to admit, we’ve never seen anything like this before. Oversized carriage wheels are common in Amish communities on horse & buggies however, attached to a Dodge Challenger Hellcat? Not so much.

The aluminum carriage wheels have been welded to standard hubs and spacers were then added so they would clear the fenders. The Challenger is definitely a head turner even before the driver got out dressed in Amish attire.

The video jokingly calls it the “HellBuggy” saying it had “699 more horses than all the other buggies” under the hood. He proceeds to hop in the car and pull off arguably one of the oddest burnouts on the internet.

When it comes to handling, he said that Hellcat actually was surprisingly normal to drive, bumps and turns excluded. Towards the end of the video he even notes that the Challenger got up to around 170 mph with the buggy wheels. It’s a shame that part wasn’t included in the video also as we have to imagine that was just as interesting as the burnout.

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