Guy Loses His License After Towing His Wheelchair-Bound Friend With His Car

20-year-old Michael Ward has been banned from driving for almost two years after he was caught on camera towing his wheelchair-bound friend behind his car through the streets on a midnight run from a bar to a nearby McDonald’s, according to The Drive.

In footage released by North Yorkshire Police, Ward is seen driving off in his Hyundai Tiburon while his friend William MacPherson held onto the rear spoiler. The streets wet and MacPherson loses his grip several times, go figure. After several sharp turns, the two finally make it to their destination for some hard-earned Big Macs. After all was said and done they traveled about two-tenths of a mile. And to no surprise, the authorities weren’t too thrilled with the whole thing. Ward pled guilty to dangerous driving and was also ordered to complete 200 hours of community service and pay a fine of $221 in addition to losing his license. MacPherson didn’t get off easy either and pled guilty to “holding onto a vehicle for the purpose of being drawn” and was fined a total of $270. Hopefully, they have other friends that like to hand out rides just as much as they do because they’ll need them the next few years…

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