Guy Buys $54K Hellcat Just To Destroy It

If you aren’t familiar with the WhistlinDiesel YouTube channel, destroying stuff is basically what his content is all about. From Jeeps to supercars to Mopars, if it can be destroyed he’s gonna do his worst. He drives over them with monster trucks, drowns them in mud bogs, and just drives them to the ground in general.

This time around, a new Dodge Challenger Hellcat is pushed to the limits. It’s a start to finish video with a trip to the bank in the beginning of the video and a stop at the dealership to prove it’s actually brand new vehicle before taking it back to the shop and destroying it.

While it’s not as expensive as the R8 or some of the trucks he’s taken a beating to, it definitely stings to see a brand new Mopar get beat on. He starts with burnouts before he even leaves the dealership which only wears the tires down for whats to come.

At the shop, it’s pulled in the garage and there are more burnouts where the rear quarter panel is swung into the door on accident. The car is then pulled out to the yard where a construction marker makes some dents as it’s run over, a bush leaves its mark on the paint and the tires are continually shredded down to the rim. The windows are also attempted to be punched out although that didn’t appear to be successful.

You would think video after video of nice vehicles being destroyed would get old, but apparently not as this guy has quite the following. If you had the funds, would you go buy a new car just to see what destruction they could take? What would be the first vehicle you purchase?

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