Ford Explorer Jumps Into Pond!

Sometimes people have an old beat up truck or car that they don’t mind doing some insane stunts in. If it’s a truck or car you don’t mind getting messed up, who cares if it gets more destroyed right? Well in this case we see an old Ford Explorer about to jump into a lake! This old beat up Ford Explorer looks like its seen some better days but now it’s definitely just a wild stunt machine! Although this stunt wasn’t super crazy, it still was pretty fun to watch and see the old Explorer in action!

As the Explorer takes off over this dirt jump, it gets some REALLY awesome airtime! This old Explorer definitely looks pretty awesome as its flying through the air. When it eventually lands into the pond, it’s actually pretty satisfying and awesome! Thankfully the water wasn’t TOO deep and had just a little bit of water so it didn’t sink when it landed! Regardless it was a pretty cool stunt and although dangerous, it still was pretty entertaining to see. What do you think about this wild Ford Explorer stunt? Do you have any thoughts or opinions about it? Let us know in the comments what you think!