Flat Tires May Be A Thing Of The Past

We all know that dreaded situation. The curse words and inconvenience when you realize you have a flat tire. But according to MotorAuthority, researchers at Harvard University have developed a potential solution that could make flat tires a thing of the past.

The material that would be used is as tough as natural rubber but combines new engineering feats to create a durable, self-healing rubber. Self-healing technology isn’t new, but it’s proven to be more difficult to incorporate the technology into rubber. However, recently researchers were able to take the self-healing technology and create a rope of sorts for the self-healing rubber. The benefits could be huge for tires. Instead of needing a new or spare right away, driving would fix the hole or whatever caused the tire to go flat. The new material snaps back into place as stress is released and allows the imperfections to heal. There’s still work to be done and the material is far from ready for everyday use but do you think we’ll see it on the market anytime soon?

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