Family Retrieves Stolen Vehicle From Car Thieves Using a $29 Apple AirTag

The Apple AirTag is a tiny little tracking device not much bigger than a quarter that comes in handy whenever you misplace your phone, keys, purse, wallet, etc. In the case of one family from North Carolina, they managed to retrieve their stolen car from thieves within minutes after planting an AirTag inside.

As reported by WRAL, doorbell video shows car thieves driving off in Leslie Muhammad’s Toyota Camry. However, her husband Antar stored the miniature tracking device inside the car and was able to see where the vehicle was located from his smartphone. “I’m able to pinpoint exactly where it’s at and actually to zoom in and almost precisely pick out the parking space the car was in,” said Antar.

The Muhammads regularly use AirTags on their valuables, like luggage, backpacks, purses, and cars as a safety precaution. Thankfully for the couple, this precaution successfully paid off after local police were able to recover the Toyota by following the AirTag’s location.

“From the moment we woke up to the moment we called police and it was all settled, (it took) two hours, two and a half hours,” says Antar Muhammad

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