EPA Has Raised Fuel Economy Requirements Higher Than Ever

The recently released EPA update includes fuel economy standards that are more restrictive than ever before. The latest EPA ruling draws the line at a 40 mpg fleet average by model year 2026 for light duty vehicles.

According to the statement put out by the EPA:

 “These standards are the strongest vehicle emissions standards ever established for the light-duty vehicle sector, and are based on sound science and grounded in a rigorous assessment of current and future technologies. The updated standards will result in avoiding more than 3 billion tons of GHG emissions through 2050.”

Essentially, the EPA is saying the increased requirements will help reduce the warming of the climate. The previous requirement under the last administration stated that by 2026, there would need to be 32 mpg across a manufacturer’s fleet of sold vehicles. The new ruling means automakers and regulators need to step it up.

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