Due To Being Short Staffed, Honda Is Sending Accountants and Office Employees to the Assembly Line


The Coronavirus pandemic has caused companies worldwide to adjust and reorganize. Honda is having to adjust when it comes to employees. The automaker is short-staffed at its Marysville, OH plant. To fix the shortage, Honda is sending front office workers to the assembly plant.


An email from the plant was obtained by WOSU in which the general manager at the Marysville plant asked employees in accounting, purchasing, and research and development to work on the factory floor.

An employee spoke with WOSU about the email saying:

“Regardless of whether or not you wanted to, you could be subject to it,” he says. “They took volunteers first, but my understanding was they didn’t receive many volunteers for this activity, so then they made it mandatory.”

Volunteers were requested at first before departments were required to provide a certain number of their employees to work on the factory floor.

The Honda email provided several reasons for the worker shortage, including many employees being on leave due to contracting COVID-19 or quarantining.

It turns out, Honda is not alone in this problem. Other factories are finding themselves having to fill empty slots on the floor. Honda says that it conducts daily temperature scans for employees, requires the use of face coverings, and has the capability to test for coronavirus in-house.

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