Drive On ‘Tail of the Dragon’ Ends With Teen Flying Out Of Window

What started out as a fun day of driving for these teenagers ended up with a police report and probably a trip to the doctor.

This video was taken on the infamous Tail of the Dragon. It’s a stretch of Highway 129, near the Tennessee-North Carolina border that is known for its 318 curves in 11 miles which makes it America’s number one motorcycle and sports car road.

This group of teens appears to be in a Nissan Sentra that is driven by someone who isn’t a huge follower of the rules of the road. The car can be seen crossing into the opposite lane several times. The passengers aren’t much better. There are at least 2 people hanging out the rear windows as the car hits the curves.

Just as the driver hits a curve (while crossing the double yellow lines) one of the passengers leans too far and tumbles out of the car onto the roadway. The original video notes that the passenger was put back in the vehicle before the driver drove away and that the vehicle information has been given to authorities.

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