Dodge Challenger Hellcat Driver Flips Pickup Truck Leaving Cars and Coffee

This is an unfortunate way to end a Cars and Coffee event. The driver behind the wheel of this Dodge Challenger Hellcat tried to show off on their way out but ended up taking another driver out in the process. The Cars and Coffee event took place this weekend in Loveland, Colorado.

The driver attempted to power out of a slide when they lost control and went head-on into a Chevy Silverado which then flipped on its side. Spectators report that there were two people in the pickup truck who were both wearing their seatbelts and walked away with no injuries, although I’m sure they were anything but happy.

As for the Hellcat driver, it appears to be a case of simply just too much power and/or not enough experience. It’s reported that the Mopar was essentially brand new with just 3,000 miles on it.

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