Distracted Police Officer, Hellcat Chase, Amish Uber, Wildfire Starter, Street Bike-Snowmobile Mash Up, And Fast Fails

Today on PND…
• Police Officer Takes Out Bicyclist
• A Stolen Dodge Hellcat Outran A Chopper In Police Chase
• Ride Sharing Has Now Expanded To Horse And Buggy
• One Of California’s Worst Wildfires Was Sparked By A Flat Tire
• A Street Bike And Snowmobile Were Merged To Make The Ultimate Toy
• And Top 5 Fast Fails: Cop Edition

Distracted Driving Officer Hits Bicyclist
In distracted driving videos, its usually regular people messing with their phones or GPS systems. But this time, a police officer was the one at fault. As a Peculiar, MO police officer was making a turn, he was also looking at his phone and didn’t see the bicyclist that was there waiting to cross. The bicyclist had a go-pro running and caught the whole situation. The officer admitted to being on his phone and not paying attention while getting the first aid kit and calling for medics. Luckily this guy walked away with minor injuries but people, pay attention!

Hellcat Police Chase
It’s not unusual to outrun the cops in a high-speed pursuit, but when you outrun the chopper? That’s when it gets interesting. The driver behind the wheel of a stolen Dodge Hellcat did just that in Houston Texas. After an hour-long pursuit at speeds of over 100 mph, it finally came to an end when the driver exited the vehicle and ran into a field while on his phone. Casual, right? Officers were then able to tackle him and get him into custody.

Amish Uber
Ridesharing is becoming so popular even the Amish are doing it. Who says you need a car? Colon, Michigan resident Timothy Hochstedler is using his horse and buggy in what he calls “Amish Uber”. Although he has no affiliation and does not drive for the company, the concept is the same. For $5 you can hop in the buggy and get a ride around town. The only trick is, you have to flag Tim down without a cell phone!

California Wildfire Starter
California is burning. And all it takes is one spark to set events like this off. Unfortunately, the Carr Wildfire which is the 6th most destructive wildfire in California history has burned over 270 square miles in the last two weeks and has claimed the lives of 8 people. And it was started by a flat tire. After a trailer blew a tire, the wheel rim was left scraping along the pavement. Sparks from the friction flew off and landed on a dry brush pile which then started the fire that was never completely contained and spiraled out of control. As of now, it’s still only about 74% contained. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the residents of California and everyone working to put out these fires.

The Ultimate Toy
Creativity can pay off. Like it did for these guys and their creation of a street bike and snowmobile mashup. Posted by FaceBook page EXTREME, this vehicle looks like a whole lot of fun as the driver heads off land straight onto the lake and starts skimming across the water!

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