Detroit Police’s Answer To Street Racing Is Permanently Taking People’s Cars

Detroit residents, if you’re into the street-racing scene you may want to think twice. The Detroit Police Department is taking a stand against stunts, street racing, and drifting. The punishment isn’t just a fine or citation anymore. Now, the department is threatening to prosecute offenders and seize the vehicles.

If you’re thinking “What’s the big deal I can just go get my car out of impound?” you’re wrong. They plan to use civil forfeiture to transfer ownership of the vehicles to the city. It’s reportedly already happened to a handful of people WXYZ reports.

In April and May police report they seized three vehicles: two Lamborghinis and a Dodge Charger Hellcat. The department says they intend to keep the cars.

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan has approved overtime for police to increase patrols in areas where crowds gather and to target street racers. Detroit Police Chief James White went into detail saying:

“We’ve got about 150 intel specialists that monitor social media and that monitor our real-time crime center to support the officers to ensure that we’re getting real-time information on where these drag races are occurring, who’s doing it, what they’re posting on social media.”

Vehicles that have been/will be seized by the department will be utilized however they’re deemed fit whether that’s undercover purposes, narcotic enforcement, or the fight against illegal street racing. At the time of this article, the department has begun the forfeiture process on 37 vehicles.

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