Dashcam Captures Dramatic Crash On A Rainy Road

A lot of people these days have dash cams in their cars and because of that, lots of crazy accidents and other situations get captured! In this video we see a car with a dash cam cruising down some rainy roads somewhere. Suddenly a little blue car is seen up ahead and it almost looks like its driving in the wrong lane! The car then loses control, probably due to the rainy road, and over corrects.

The over correction leads to a terrible collision against the side of the terrain on the side of the road. It’s not clear if the driver hits a tree or if the impact from the hitting the terrain caused it to flip. But when the driver hits the side of the road, it then starts to go airborne and flips out of control everywhere! This is crazy looking!

You can hear the out of control car hit the car with the dash cam in the background. Luckily the driver was actually uninjured in this crash but this is a great example to use extra caution when driving in the rain! What do you think about this wild crash? Let us know in the comments!