CORI The Christmas Camaro Could Be Yours – Mullet Not Included

Getting tired of your normal Santa and his reindeer lawn decorations? Want to be a little more festive and show off your business-up-front, party-out-back personality? Well, CORI (IROC spelled backward) the Christmas Camaro may be for you. Surprise the wife with an extra festive Christmas ornament when she gets home from work. Or husband. Or whomever.

This is an eBay deal you might not want to pass up thanks to It’s actually a drivable 77,000-mile 1986 IROC-Z that is actually well-known among the Camaro forums. It is red with green accents and decorated in 1,500 Christmas lights and all lights, lenses, and trim are covered in holographic car wrap. While the car hasn’t been on the road for a few years, it looks pretty solid.

The owner is providing all the parts necessary for it to transform into a normal nonfestive IROC-Z 305 once the holidays pass, along with a new interior and both sets of tires. It even has T-tops so you can feel the wind in your hair and listen to the rumble of the 305 V-8 motor.

For $2,495, this festive Camaro can be yours. Mullet not included. Must pick up in Pennsylvania.

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