Cop Offers Advice After Handing Out Tickets to 10 Speeding Porsche Drivers

After pulling over not 1, not 2, but TEN Porsche drivers, this Colorado cop had a pro-tip to offer up. “If you and your 9 buddies get caught at 80+in a 40 zone, all of you get tickets,” the officer wrote on Twitter. “And because it takes a LONG time to write 10 tickets, your dinner plans get messed up. Better, we think, than injuring or killing someone because of your selfish behavior. Please slow down.”

After the photo with all the drivers was posted, he then put up a photo of the 10 tickets after people claimed it was a false story.

“Proof’s in the pudding,” reads the caption. “Note the numbering [of the tickets] in the upper left corner. No staging here!”

Colorado State Police didn’t comment on the specific citations but confirmed that anyone clocked going 40 miles over the speed limit would be issued a mandatory summons into court.

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