Colorado Man Steals Police SUV and Responds to 911 Call While Leading High-Speed Chase

According to a news report, 33-year-old Jeremiah James Taylor stole a patrol vehicle and impersonated a police officer while responding to a “domestic violence in progress” call. Taylor appeared to be intoxicated when officers encountered him at the scene and was instructed to exit the stolen 2013 Dodge Durango Pursuit. Rather than comply, Taylor led officers on a high-speed chase by going 110 mph.

Taylor eventually drove off-road and crashed the SUV before attempting to flee police into a forested area. Police claim that Taylor was wielding a knife when they caught up with him. They then used a taser, and one officer fired a gunshot at him. The only injuries Taylor received resulted from minor, self-inflicted knife wounds. He was then arrested and taken to the local hospital.

Taylor is being held on a $10,000 bond after he managed to rack up a number of felony and misdemeanor charges from his impromptu joy ride:

  • Aggravated motor vehicle theft (felony)
  • Second-degree burglary (felony)
  • Vehicular eluding (attempting to drive away from a police officer) (felony)
  • Impersonating an officer (felony)
  • Obstructing an officer (misdemeanor) 
  • Resisting arrest (misdemeanor)
  • Reckless endangerment (misdemeanor) 
  • Reckless driving (misdemeanor) 

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