Changes In Speed Limit Laws Being Pursued Across The Country

Several states across the country are trying to make changes to speed limit laws. While some are looking to eliminate speed limit differentials for cars and trucks, others are trying to introduce them. The states in discussion are Arkansas, California, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Montana, Oklahoma, and West Virginia.

In West Virginia, the proposed bill could result in a change to the posted speed on the state’s fastest highways. House Concurrent Resolution 32 gives the state DOT authority to increase the speed limit on interstate highways from 70 mph to 75 mph.

The Oklahoma legislation wants to amend rules on speed limits for the state’s turnpike system and interstate highways moving forward. HB1071 would authorize the speed on the turnpike system to be raised to 80 mph from the current 75mph and would also permit the maximum posted speed on rural interstate highways to be increased from 70 to 75 mph.

Montana differs in that its bill would only raise truck speeds. HB393 would raise the speed limit for trucks on interstate highways from 65 mph to 70 mph throughout the day. Currently, state highways are limited to 60 mph during the day and 55 mph at night.

Massachusetts has a few bills on the floor. H3023 would increase the state’s 65 mph speed limit to 70 mph while H3024 would permit the use of variable speed limits on limited-access roadways.

Kentucky’s new law will increase the speed limit from 65 mph to 70 mph on two highways – Interstate 165 and I-64.

California has two bills in the works. The first would completely get rid of speed differential for cars and trucks. A separate bill would allow faster travel for all vehicles on portions of Interstate 5 and state Route 99. SB319 requests adding two lanes each way without speed limits.

Last but not least, Arkansas is proposing a bill for higher speed limits on certain highways around the state while also reintroducing a speed differential in the state. HB1631 would mandate a 75 mph speed limit on freeways outside urban areas while large trucks would be allowed to travel up to 70 mph.

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