Caught on Camera: Crash Lands SUV On Roof Of Fellow SUV

The most miraculous part is that everyone involved walked away from this.

Several drivers and a pedestrian need to go out and buy a lotto ticket after being a part of this crash caught on dash cam in Indianapolis, IN. The initial crash isn’t what is so shocking. If you wait to find out what happened to the SUV that rolled out of the shot, that’s when you’ll see.

You would guess the SUV that got t-boned and rolled onto the sidewalk or median. Nope. The SUV rolled perfectly on top of another SUV that happened to be driving by. It stopped just on top of the windshield and you can see the white SUV driver somehow manage to come to a stop just at the red light.

The odds of this playing out like it did are pretty slim. And even more slim that everyone is uninjured.

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